Mustard Moon booth~Junk Bonanza 2009~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

yes it is the holidays but i will start with

i will start with some of my past history ...we all have a past...and i am quite proud of mine ...well that is of my junk past that is.... i won't bore you with going back to where it all started but instead to some photos of this past year that have proved to me that junk just never gets "old"!!!


  1. May I make your first comment?! Yay!-good for you, Jane - your blog is already at the top of my favorites list. You did it! I can hear your voice while I'm reading your posts - what a treat, being able to visit Mustard Moon whenever I want to~ TERESA

  2. Hi Jane- SO fun to see you here! Wanted to tell you I enjoyed your tv spot on channel 5, too! I started a blog recently, too, and linked you on my favorites list- you can find me at:


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