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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh how fun it is to be famous! no one humble here!


  1. Congratulations goes out to you two. Can I have your autograph next time I see you? I can't wait to get my mitts on this magazine. I'm sure it will be a winner.

  2. Jane! Jane! Over here! {cameras snapping, flashes flashing} Jane, can I get your autograph? Jane, what's it like to be famous? Jane, we love youuuuuuuu!

    My impression of the paparazzi and Jane fan club! :) Congrats!


  3. Read the article it was great, Such a fun story and great projects. Can't wait for the world to get their hands on this great mag.

  4. The article is great!! You both are soooo talented. I forgot to get your autograph...will do on Thursday. Have a great Feb. sale.....Claire

  5. I suppose now you will be way too famous to even notice or talk to me. Sniff, sniff . . . Okay, I know you much better then that. No one more down to earth and warm than you. Now where are the pictures of your up and coming sale?!


  6. I have mine right on my bedside table - some of my very favorite people are in that magazine - the barn house boys, all the girls in the "girls lunch" shoot at the boys' house, and of COURSE - you. I do hope to see you in Oronoco again this summer!
    I will try and send some spring your way~

  7. Congratulations on the publication!

    I just found your blog via "The Creative Connection" events website. (I also live in MN)

    Nancy Malay


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