Mustard Moon booth~Junk Bonanza 2009~

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Don't even drink coffee, but this place could be my new favorite hang out...

Fuel Coffee shop, Mount Vernon, Iowa
check out those lights above the coffee counter!! they are vintage christmas bells!!
the little guy above us is the cutest kid pic everdoes anyone have .25 ??
they even had cool stuff for sale


  1. what an adorable little place, I am with you I would hang out there anytime.
    with quarters in my pockets to ride that pony LOL!

  2. Hey- thanks for visiting Mount Vernon, Iowa! Tommie is the beautiful proprietress and her mama makes the baked goods...yummmm.

  3. gosh, I love coffee and this place is just perking with personality!!! Lezlee

  4. Love the picture of the boy behind the couch.

  5. Well... where the Hell is this place!?

    We all know you two are ALL over the place.... it could be ANY WHERE... it looks heavenly.

  6. AwEsoMe Place!*!*! Is that in Iowa??? ~ We have a FUEL Cafe in MIlwaukee??? Love to know where it is... THaNkS for the pics...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  7. hey y'all. that is my son in the photo and our shop is in mount vernon, iowa, on main street. you can check us out on facebook @ and espresso. thanks for the great post, mustard moon! i'll try and track you down up at jb. tommie

  8. Hey Jane, didn't know you didn't drink coffee! But I should have known you're naturally caffeinated. Think how dangerous you would be if you did. holy moley.


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