Mustard Moon booth~Junk Bonanza 2009~

Friday, December 17, 2010

The 12 ways to decorate for Christmas #6.....The IDEA HOUSE @ BACHMAN'S in mpls MN

We started on the main floor with neutrals...
the FLOCKED TREE so pretty tree has large birch sticks
in it and look at the gift wrap!!
"JOY" sign the J is a coat hook,O a faucet knob
and the Y a boat oar holder!!
Then we went to the "craft room"~ this wreath is made from
old yarn spindles!!
NOEL ~bendable rulers and stenciled pages...
Pin cushions are rag balls in sundae cups & the
shelf a drawer front..
clever wrapping..the tree gift is layered white parchment paper
as snow and buttons make up the tree!!

and baskets holding stuff were labeled with Scrabble tiles
onto the old work bench turned display table
so much more...but this is all my friend Sara's had taken
(I forgot my camera at home!) make sure to check out the IDEA HOUSE @ Bachman's
in MPLS MN when it is open again in spring!!!


  1. I love the stars! What a great way to repurpose those!

  2. I like the wreath, stars and ribbon box.


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