Mustard Moon booth~Junk Bonanza 2009~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The feeling of spring is in the air and in our shops!!!


  1. Looks wonderful, LOVE that enamel top table! Lezlee

  2. Do you sell and ship? I would love to get my hands on that Snohomish sign. I just openend a shop in downtown Snohomish. :-)

  3. Oh it looks so wonderful == am away on business, would be there in a heart beat if I could!

  4. You have a blog! This is long-lost teacher from East Union, Kathy Brown. Oh how I miss my monthly stops in your shop! We have nothing like Mustard Moon in Western South Dakota. Of course I live in the middle of nowhere, so that doesn't help! I still have dreams! AND I still have all of the things I have bought from you over the years. We live in a little cottage on the edge of the Badlands, and a cute, little, maple table and chairs I bought from you almost 10 years ago adorns my kitchen. It's a happy table!
    My life is just juicy, and I have a blog too!
    Check out our life on the edge...of the Badlands @
    I am so glad to see MM is still thriving! I hope you and your family are well. The boys must be giants by now!
    Take care for now. . .
    kathy brown...the handy girl


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