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Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Spend a Day in the Country...There is nothing like it...

We went to a farm down south and 1st we had to look at
the "stuff"...this awesome green cupboard being used to
store tools....oh my
Rust and parts as far as the eye could see...we were in heaventhen to the gardens....
good rusty stuff and farm charm there...

then to the old trucks...what's not to love about these??

my dream truck!!Paul's dream was his grandma' cool

then on to the bldgs..a "one ~holer"
a "four~holer" ...yes this cute bldg is an outhousea barn "quilt square"

my dream barn...

and this oh so cool old school house they moved to
the property...look at those windows...i could live in there

ahhhh a day in the country.....


  1. Some of the photographs are same as my garage. I am too much lazy for cleaning it. Your home is very attractive.
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  2. Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing those inspiring images.

  3. the 'quilt square' is a hex sign...a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition

  4. Never captured my garage photographs. It is too dirty with vintage stuffs. In last photographs is so greenery and those red flowers make too beautiful blog.
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