Mustard Moon booth~Junk Bonanza 2009~

Monday, August 23, 2010

More Road Trip fun!! I think this is # 871 ....well almost..

saw the telephone booth and couldn't just drive by...when was the last time you saw a free standing one? we just all had an urge to call home at once!!

went to Ann & Jen's 1st occassional sale...lots of fun and good stuff!

who wouldn't want a FREE Conway Twitty tape?? Big Score!
after a BIG day of shopping what a great place to end up...a WINERY!


  1. Free cassette...that's a hoot! Is there no shame? - Someone ought to PAY folks to take one!


  2. Looks like you gals had a blast.

  3. Hey Jane! Where are ya babe? Need a photo of you and the shop pronto! call me...952-356-2644 asap today.
    Unsie...Friday, Aug. 27, 2:10 p.m.

  4. awwww Jane!!! love the pics.. what a day! miss you gals we need a road trip north to see you all!!!


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